Clearview Psychology Support

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Online help for anxiety, depression and stress


About CPS

Clearview Psychology Support is an online psychology service providing experienced telehealth therapy for individuals withanxiety, depression and stress disorders.

How it works

1.Book an appointment

Book your appointment online.
Sessions run for up to 55mins and the fee is $150.00 per session.
Medicare rebates are available for some types of GP referrals.

2.Attend your appointment. using your personal computer or device

A link will be emailed to you. Just click to open when it is time to start your session. You can do this from your home computer or personal device -as long as you have a camera function.

Tips and notes for your session:

Some things you might like to have prepared for your session are:
-pen and paper
-water, tea or coffee
-a “do not disturb” sign
-device charger
-a babysitter (required if applicable)
*Your session will need to stop and be rescheduled if:
  1. You are under the influence of drugs or alcohol during your session.
  2. Children under 18 years are present.

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